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Poyraz İlaç established in 2009 with a 4000 square meters closed area in Ankara. Poyraz İlaç offers products and services appealing to all areas of the feed additive sector by combining the experience and knowledge with a team specialized in high technology and manufacturing. In the last decade, the company has become one of the pioneers in the sector with its “World-class service and product” policy.

Poyraz İlaç has made the first domestic production of many goods in Turkey. These goods include supplementary feeds, veterinary products, molasses-based licking buckets, and licking blocks. Until 2011, the product range was exclusively made up of premix and feed additive products.  In 2012, Poyraz İlaç incorporated the brands Pare and Şifa to its structure and started to produce licking blocks. Besides, the company broke ground in the same year and started producing molasses-based licking buckets. In 2018, the company secured its position in the feed additive sector with ongoing product development in ruminant, poultry, domestic and ovine animals by expanding its product range further. 

Poyraz İlaç, keep up-to-date standards with the latest development in the sector and widen its product range with the cooperation of expert veterinarians and technicians in the field. It has given great importance to R&D activities since the day of establishment. Poyraz İlaç, also, provides support to companies in every sense by producing and developing products and services they need but cannot able to find in the market. 

Every product is manufactured with international standards GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and Halal certificates with high-level quality assurance, paying attention to the fact that all materials used in the manufacturing process are environment-friendly. 

Poyraz İlaç strengthened its position in the internationally and has expanded its export network by cooperating over 20 countries. It offers high-quality products and service assurance to all customers with the policy of customer satisfaction being in the center of company policies and approaching the environment, nature, sector and all other firms with respect and understanding. Poyraz İlaç takes an active role in the feed additive sector with the excitement of the first day to meet the needs of all customers in line with global targets by adopting an honest, value-based, efficient working system in its all activities.