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Aves AD³EC

Aves AD³EC

Vitamin A + D³ + E + C Combination

Product Specifications

Aves AD3EC is a liquid supplementary solution developed to meet daily A, D3, E, C and K3 vitamin needs. It activates the immune system of animals and increases their performance by meeting their energy needs during high yield periods.


  • Eliminates vitamin deficiencies in poultry and prevents metabolic diseases caused by deficiency.
  • It contributes to live weight gain by increasing the feed utilization rate.
  • Improves hatchability,  egg and carcass quality.
  • Minimizes adverse effects by supporting body resistance in disease situations and stress conditions (beak cutting, climate change, transport, heat stress, etc.).
  • Promotes healthy muscle and bone formation by regulating the calcium-phosphorus mechanism.
  • It is used as a supportive treatment in diseases such as rickets and osteomalacia.
  • Vitamin K3 is effective in preventing bleeding caused by intestinal infections in cases like coccidiosis.
  • Protects against diseases through antioxidant properties.


Incorporate homogeneously 100-150 g of Aves AD3EC into the drinking water of animals.

Packaging: 1 L, 5 L