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Aves Depo

Aves Depo

Amino Acid and Mineral Combination

Product Specifications

Aves Depo is a complementary liquid combination developed to eliminate mineral and amino acid deficiencies. The balanced mineral and amino acid ratios prevent the mineral loss in animals and meet the nutritional values they need. Enriched phosphorus content strengthens eggshell, bone and muscle structure. It increases efficiency directly.  It provides an even distribution through the easily soluble structure in water.


  • Strengthens the immune system by removing nutritional protein and amino acid deficiencies.
  • Increases resistance to diseases by increasing antibody circulation.
  • Meets the nutritional needs of the animals by opening up their appetite and increases the feed utilization rate.
  • Accelerates weight gain.
  • It plays an active role in strengthening eggshell, improving egg quality and increasing egg and milk yield with a high amount of phosphorus.
  • It is used as a supportive treatment for poultry in the process of high yield period, the elimination of nutritional deficiencies in feed rations, infectious diseases, parasitic diseases, diarrhoea and coccidiosis.
  • Strengthens body functions, bone and muscle structure.
  • Prevents beak, nail and bone softening.
  • Used in the cases of dehydration and diarrhoea to eliminate mineral loss.


It is added to the daily drinking water or feed of the animals at the recommended doses.

Packaging: 1 L, 5 L