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Aves Garlix

Aves Garlix

Herbal Immune Booster

Product Specifications

Aves Garlix is a herbal liquid solution formulated to protect the immune system through antioxidant and anticoccidial agents. It has an appetizing effect on poultry animals. It also strengthens the immune system by supporting the healthy function of the body at the cellular level through natural garlic extract.


  • Protects the body's immune mechanism against all kinds of stress factors and diseases through natural antibacterial effect.
  • Provides high efficiency during yield periods and increases peak performance.
  • Improves egg yield, eggshell and carcass quality.
  • Opens the appetite of poultry and increases the feed utilization rate.
  • Supports the digestive and circulatory system and maintains healthy physiological functions.
  • Protects water quality and nutritional values against oxidative degradation when added to the drinking water of animals.


250-500 ml should be added per ton of drinking water for 5-7 days.

Packaging: 1 L, 5 L