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Pomad Campre

Pomad Campre

Supportive Skin Care

Product Specifications

Pomad Campre is a treatment care pomade developed for external and topical use in cattle, sheep, horses, cats, and dogs. It contributes to the elimination of joint and muscle pain in animals with the terpenoid structure of the camphor plant. It is used to benefit from the relaxing effect in edematous areas, pruritus, delayed granulation tissue formation, insect stings, and udder edema. It contributes to the betterment of the treatment process by protecting the skin, softening and eliminating itchy irritations.


Pomad Campre should be applied topically to the wound as a thin layer. The application should continue for 3-4 days. If necessary the application should be repeated as described. Make sure that the area of application is clean and dry.


100 g