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Poyravit K¹

Poyravit K¹

Oral Vitamin Solution Powder

Product Specifications

Poyravit K1 is a balanced combination of supplementary elements specially developed for offspring of chickens,  ducks and all other poultry. It provides the necessary vitamins needed by young animals for fast and healthy growth.


  • Accelerates the growth process by ensuring that essential vitamin needs of target animals are satisfied.
  • Improves the appetite by providing a proper intake of vitamin values required for a balanced diet.
  • Used as a supportive treatment in diseases and stresses caused by nutrition and physiological reasons in animals.
  • Used to prevent stress and increase body resistance in heat changes caused by transport and climate changes.
  • Contains essential vitamins that animals need to strengthen the immune system.
  • Has an active role in the prevention of nervous system diseases (paresis movement disorders, incoordination disorders), chronic respiratory disease, typhoid fever, infectious bronchitis, growth retardation, and other salmonella diseases.


Incorporate homogeneously into the daily feed or drinking water of animals at the recommended doses.
Add 10-20 g for 1 liter of drinking water.
Add 20 g per 1 kg of feed.


50 g, 100 g